🏆LAST 8 UCL DRAW - Teams React!🏆 (Champions League Parody 20/21)

Birt 19 mar 2021
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442oons was created by me... Dean Stobbart! I do the voices/scripts/ideas/directing/editing/characters blah blah blah ... and now I've got four animators doing all the hard work, the animation... (which is why the animation looks better)
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  • Who's going through?

  • 2:27 Yes sir

  • City lost in the final🥳 #ktbffh

  • Has anyone see trent kick the ball into Southgate face ?

  • 1:17 That was hilarious 🤣

  • Man City might win

  • 2:01-2:03 this hits different after psg got knocked out and Chelsea are in the finals because of Thomas Tuchel

  • 3/4 precicted

  • One whas wrong

  • UCL: Real Madrid, Liverpool, Barcelona,Bayern Dean: Man city all Is Man city

  • I think lewa has taken that muller dialog that chupo is the best forward seriously So he decided to get injured and give the chance to chupo to play as he is the best.

  • 2:31 Come again?

  • Whos here after he scored

  • I love the Eric Choupe Mouting bit at the ending thogh

  • Lol fast forward when Ramos don't play the tie and Trent gets humiliated by vini jr

  • 1:20 tuchel said were already in the semis but it was the quarter finals

    • No.. he meant that Porto is an easy team to beat and that Chelsea are basically at the semis because of it

  • Man city deserve to win. They have lost to many. Now it is time for Manchester to shine

    • @the lets player doesn’t matter PSG don’t know how to score

    • True well we have psg in the semi finals

  • 1:22

  • I think @442oons should rename liverpool as bloody pool🤣🤣

  • 2:22

  • 3:2 psg bayern


  • I'm a Bayern fan but I still have to do this: hi,hi I'm the referee 2 - 3 Bayern vs. PSG Ole, Paris Saint Germain...

  • Since they lost 2 - 3 in home

  • Bayern will need to do the 2 - 8 against psg for the second leg

  • Liverpool player hands lol.. Ramos👍😃😃💪

  • Who is here after Eric scored a goal against Bayern

  • I love your guys videos ♥

  • Semifinal Champions League Bayern Munchen vs Borussia Dortmund Real Madrid vs Chelsea

    • This aged well..

    • @the lets player if Bayern manages to get win Lewy and Gnabry both will come in the squad

    • @MR TITAN or not robbert is not there

    • @Gos BS maybe Dortmund but Bayern can comeback

    • Lol Bayern and Dortmund will get knocked out

  • Liverpool

  • Did you see trent hitting Southgate in the background

  • Manchester City 4:2 Borusia Dortmund.Borusia Dortmund 0:2 Manchester City. Bayern Munich 1:1 Paris Saint German.Paris Saint German 3:2 Bayern Munich. Real Madrid 1:2 Liverpool.Liverpool 0:2 Real Madrid. Porto 1:2 Chelsea.Chelsea 2:1 Porto. SEMIFINAL Manchester City 2:2 Chelsea.Chelsea 0:4 Manchester City. Paris Saint German 4:0 Real Madrid.Real Madrid 2:3 Paris Saint German. Final Manchester City 2:4 Paris Saint German. PARIS SAINT GERMAN SUPER CUP Paris Saint German 2:1 Manchester United. PARIS SAINT GERMAN.

    • @Erwin Rodríguez also city has an actual defence unlike psg

    • but Real Madrid would have to face Chelsea not Paris

  • I love how Chelsea FC did it to their tune in the game against Atletico Madrid

  • now you should make a video about this that salah reacts to Ramos injury

  • Müller predicted the future.

  • Who's here after Sergio Ramos was ruled out of the two-legged tie vs Liverpool ?

  • 0:19 that moment when you see trent shooting gareth south gate on the training pitch

  • Dean psg vs bayern munchen is psg win no bayern😡

  • “We have the greatest forward of all time - Eric Choupo-Moting” - Thomasshole Müller * Lewy out for both legs after international break *


  • City Psg Liverpool Chelsea 100%

  • Ha real, Ramos is out get ready for the L

    • @Pilxman YTB ?! I know :(

  • Now, Liverpool and PSG are fine. Sergio Ramos and Robert Lewandowski are both injured, and they both can't play the Quarter-Finals!

    • @RuiMMS20 but they will lose

    • Dean predicted the future

    • @RuiMMS20 just edit the comment dude

    • And for PSG is good, because Levy is a MONSTER of making goals, and now they don't need to worry about it.

    • For Liverpool is good, because Sergio Ramos don't go to dislocate Mo Salah's arm

  • Anyone noticed TAA in the background at 0:21?😂😂

  • 2:22 442oons predicted lewa will be injured and miss ucl so bayern would have to use choupo moting

  • Ramos is injured you spoon

  • Whose here after Lewa got hurt

  • Whose here after what happened to Ramos?

  • 2:18 Omg you predicted future again

  • Who is here after Sergio Ramos injured

    • Me welp now we don't have a chance

  • Liverpool FC

  • Who is here after Lewa is injured

  • Of course it Chelsea,

  • The admin is fucking deluded and a biased Manchester City fan.

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  • hi dean

  • 2:19 aged well given Lewa’s injury 😂😂😂

  • Man City Bayern Munich Liverpool Chelsea

  • No one saw that coming...? the comments of the last 10000 videos: deans money be on man city LOL

  • Did they just predict lewandowski’s injury?

  • Did you see that 0:20

  • 0:18 Trent is hitting the cardboard cut-out of Gareth Southgate because he wasn't on the list for European Qualifiers.

  • The voice of Conseição (manager of FC Porto) is the best

  • Dortmund Real Madrid Bayern Munich FC Porto

  • PSG - Bayern Munich 1st leg: 1-0 2nd leg: 2-7 Aggregate: 2-8 Bayern Munich beat PSG (just like Barca)


  • Man City: get knocked out in the group stage of Europa league Dean: My mOneY's oN mAn ciTy

  • It took me 10 days to understand what the Porto manager meant

  • You say manchester city they can not even win against lyon!

  • Is psg

  • Psg will go through

  • If Chelsea get beat by Porto, Porto are the new AS Roma

  • Chelsea & Porto going against each other seems like the rarest fixture in a while

  • Haaland Turkey 0-3 lost

  • If city is shiekhy and psg is Qatari then why Chelsea is not related to Russia


  • Prison Joke and Zoran Mamić went to Dubai now. F*ck my country

  • 0:20 who is on the training ground

  • Lol

  • Dean’s money and man city is a true love story that people will never understand

  • Bring back Thomas Tuchel 😠😠

  • Yeah🤣

  • Ramos

    • @Pedro Souza serigo ramos is the best defender in the world. Better than Virgil van dijk.#Hala madrid


  • Psg ma szanse na zemstę za finał

  • Porto bez szans

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  • my predictions is real madrid will make it to the semi final but louse and chelsea will go to the final and man city will win

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  • PSG always get the worst draw. Even if they survive Bayern they will meet City next round...

  • Psg

  • wtf ramos

  • Me moneys City 3 dortmund 4 Lfc 5 real 4 Chealsea 5 porto 2 Psg 4 bayern 10 Both legs

  • Why you always pick man city they never win 💩

    • My teams are Dortmund PSG real Madrid Chelsea

  • I have the same predictions

  • who else miss chealski bus company?

  • Klopp's laptop(lapklopp)

  • ismem.info/black/tH1Ab-csy-Ps9Y2XmVv6tQ.html

  • Real Madrid 1-1 Liverpool Liverpool 2-1 Real Madrid Man City 3-2 Dortmund Dortmund 2-2 Man City FC Porto 0-2 Chelsea Chelsea 1-1 FC Porto FC Bayern 3-2 PSG PSG 2-2 FC Bayern All opinions there's no guarantee this is ever gonna happen

  • 1:15 Timo werner’s book...

  • Eric maxim choupo-moting is gonna win the champions league