Top 10 442oons Songs 20/21 (Video Compilation)

Birt 2 jún 2021
What were your favourites? Let me know in the comments!
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442oons was created by me... Dean Stobbart! I do the voices/scripts/ideas/directing/editing/characters blah blah blah ... and now I've got four animators doing all the hard work, the animation... (which is why the animation looks better)
Bravo Mike Myler, James Williams, Lauren Bagstaff and Karl Hargreaves (Karl does the art these days too).
Thanks for watching! Adios!


  • how did Neymar went to France to Spain at a single second

  • :7:36 Mbappe is still not as fast as Messi in 2015

  • After this number 10 you should make a video with messi and aguero

  • Number 4 is my favourite

  • Penaldo was the best tho

  • My top 5 are messi to man city, bale to spurs, man united final 1999,bruno scoring against liverpool, and A-Z maradonna

  • Mess and Suarez made me cry

  • Ronaldo record break song

  • Dean should have made Suarez winning la liga

  • MAKE U RONALD SONG 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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  • Diego hair look like Oreo without I ice

  • Messi . I’m going to city Kun I’m going to Barca

  • Last 1 is sooo sad 😭

  • 3rd- Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool 2nd- Bayern are champions again 1st-The treble

  • Messi at nan city would be the best thing ever

  • I love giroud but dude the running speed lmao

  • Manc like us we've ended ur unbeaten run

  • It would be amazing if messi joined man city

  • mpappe is so fast

  • Q and a question who is your favorite youtuber slogoman or jelly

  • the last 1 hits different

  • 19:43 I get so much luck listening to the real song while playing Fortnite. I always win

  • 22:38 toooooo much sadnesss

  • I love how Mr. Miyagi is fixing that guy's leg the same way he fixes Daniel's leg in the original Karate kid.

  • When it. Says the boss just sacked my best friend luis is in a Barca He has 3 best friends

  • 19:25 gives me chills

  • I expected Penaldo and a song about man city winning the league

  • Top 2 is the Best 🔥👌 music of the World REST IN PEACE DIEGO ARMANDO 🖤♥️🤍❤💚🧡💙💛🖤♥️🤍❤♥️🤍💙🤍💙🤍🤍💙💙🤍

  • Rene higuita is the best song

  • Are you going to do the “Who won the league song”.

  • a do ronaldo entrou

  • And Jadon Sancho first day at Man United

  • In the next video Sergio Agüero first day at Barcelona

  • My moneys on man Coty

  • Where Is the Man city Who won the legue WHHEEEEEREEEEEE4EREEEE

  • Hi 442oons can u do a video about Italy Turkey ? Beacuse It's the First euro 2021 match Edit: oh thanks





  • Petition: Copa América Handballgentiba Columbia grasshoppers 2021

  • #slogo

  • Hi Dean, are you watching Turkey-Italy? If you were, would you upload a video about it?

  • "You referee like you are in Bird Box" lol

  • Eden Hazard goals for Madrid in Spain 3. Giroud scored 4.

  • augero left mancity rip

  • new logo

  • Hey Dean, good luck animating Turkey Vs Italy 🇹🇷 VS 🇮🇹

  • Aguero /Suarez

  • Follow mazayla kingdom

  • Hey does anyone notice the change of 442oon’s logo?

    • I came to this vid to comment that’d

  • I have a question I asked ages ago on a different acount can you do a video about Bradford city

  • Where is the Who won the league it’s the end of the season

  • Does anyone notice that there is no g

  • guys 442oons have a new picture


  • can you please make new video about man UTD curse of number 7

  • Please do a Turkey-İtaly video

  • Is it just me or ANYONE cried at the last song suarez leaves barca

  • If the euro 2020 is finished do the fifa World Cup 2022

  • Suarez farewell song broke my heart 😭😭😭

  • Than Dean changes his logo!

  • Can we have a gk on the FM

  • Bayern vs Barca

  • I can tell dean is on 100k pounds in debt of how many times he puts he’s money on man city

    • maybe he can be on 100k plus you never know he never says his money is on man city to win maybe its city to loose hmmm...???

  • Bring back the Frontmen

  • Whats the name to the songs?

  • Make a song with the song from blas canto universo


  • I got emotional when they all went MSN only me?

  • Do Aguero joins Barcelona

  • who wan the league ? 2020/2021 when

  • Why is Roy Hodgson being portrayed as an owl in 442oons?

  • i love suarez leaves barca song but thats another bad decision from barca

  • can you do euro 2020 england plane song?

  • plz make a video of Sergio aguero's first day at barca plz

  • Boo 442oons why is one of the saddest songs ever in the channel’s history is the best song of 2020/21 Barca Forever ♾

  • For your next video you should do the USA vs Mexico concaf nations league final

  • Hazard Tibo and giroud 2018: Chelsea Tibo 2019: Madrid Hazard: Madrid Giourd: ?????

  • Next : Q & A with Ederson and Kai Havertz or Thomas Tuchel and Pep Guardiola

  • Ah MSN the good old days will never be back.

  • Can you do chelsta 'Its the ST factor' ?

  • Msn

  • Can you do a video of Who won the League CITY CITy

  • Kingman suckkkkkkkksssss

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  • Please what app or software do you use to animate

  • I cried with emotion the last two

  • well since the football season ended and now you have to wait for something to happen in the euros to upload. How about start with frontmen season 3 and if does good why not continue it. Everyone is bored at home bc of pandemic, and your videos are HILORIOUS and very enjoyable to watch (I still watch the frontmen videos) Or maybe start something else like A gaming channel were you play fifa etc.

  • Whats the original song on Mbappe vs Barca

  • why barca songs are mos beautiful songs in this channel

  • Are you remember this?

  • 🎶MSN SONG🎶 Bayern Munich vs Barcelona 3-2 PARODY

  • My favorite is "we are man cityy"😂😂

  • 22:37 good moment

  • my favourite song is penaldo

  • Make a who won the league song again for city